Our environmental policy

We want our business to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible on our environment and therefore work toward sustainable development. You can read what we have put in our environmental policy below.

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities related to resource use.
  • Think about all enviromental aspects when purchasing products.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Conduct environmental work distinguished by preventative action, open mindedness, continuous improvement and to keep ourselves up to date on environmental work.
  • Inform customers, visitors and suppliers about our environmental efforts.
  • Sort and recycle waste.
  • Try and avoid using disposable items.
  • Use Visco Soft bench paper, a pure wood material that is renewable and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based fibers.
  • Detergent for washing towels and cleaning solution for cleaning are eco-labeled with Bra Miljöval or Svanen.
  • Invoices are sent to customers by e-mail.
  • All consumables such as paper and notepads, coffee and tea are eco-labeled.
  • Use of organic products such as massage oil.