Group Treatments & events

Experience Mitt I Sjön together

We offer group treatments so you and your friends can enjoy yourselves together. Treat yourself to a full day of massages, baths and saunas! We also organize larger group treatments and events. Maybe you and your friends are celebrating a birthday, or someone who’s getting married? We can tailor events and treatments for all occasions and are always open to suggestions. For example, how about a health evening? You get to test some of our products and learn how to stay healthy. Or a massage course? Either here at Mitt I Sjön or at your home. Please contact us for more information.


Now you can both recive treatments in the same room, perfect for you and your partner, child, parent or friend! While one of you has a relaxing back and neck massage, the other has a foot bath with a energizing salt scrub and moisturizing cream. After about 25min you then change places. Time: approx. 60min Price: 425 SEK / person

Maria Åkerberg Sauna Ritual

Enjoy our soothing atmosphere with friends, and try our products from Maria Åkerberg. Mixing sessions in the relaxing sauna with facial cleansing, scrubs, masks and foot baths. Of course you get a refreshing fruit platter to enjoy as well. At least 4 people Time: approx 120min. Price: 250 SEK / person

Skincare Bar  Beautiful

Welcome to a skincare bar focused on beauty. You’ll be able to try out a simple facial treatment under guidance. After the facial treatment you get to try makeup that enhances your beauty. All the products are from the Swedish brand Maria Åkerberg who only use organic, plant-based ingredients in their products. The evening costs 100 SEK, but if you buy products for at least 400SEK we’ll treat you to the evenings activities, great to do before a girls night out! During these evenings we always have great offers on our products. Time: approx 90min Price: 100 SEK / person

Maria Åkerberg Deepskin Organics Makeup Bar

Try our makeup series that fokuses on skin care, from the organic brand Maria Åkerberg. We’ll go through the makeup of the season, how best to apply makeup and why it may be good to use a makeup line that is intended to be an extension of our everyday skincare routine. The products are made in Sweden, and contain only organic plant ingredients. During these evenings we always have great offers on our products. Time: approx 90min Price: 50 SEK / person. The same amount will be deducted when purchasing products for a minimum of 300kr.

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